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What’s Hot Now: Part 1

Dec 13, 2018 | Trends

Things to see, trends to spot and places to be

1 NEW YEAR, NEW HUE Kansai Plascon recently revealed its Colour Forecast 2019. Four palettes and a Neutral of the Year tell the story of the mood in design at the moment. Driven by global trends such as individualisation and mindfulness, the team distilled the research into four themes: Glamour, Luxury, Minimal and Urban, each corresponding to a season and featuring eight shades. Ravine, the Neutral of the Year and part of the Luxury palette, is a soft grey.

2 INDIAN ODYSSEY Designer Gavin Rajah’s latest collection for @home, Indian Summer, celebrates his time spent in India through an opulent range of soft furnishings such as bed throws and cushions. They feature evocative motifs, rich fabrics and ornate embellishment.

3 NATURAL FIT With all the beauty of natural materials but none of the care and maintenance they require, large-format porcelain tiles imported by Masson Studio are the answer for design aficionados seeking style without hassles. Finishes like stone, marble, wood and concrete offer ample scope for creativity.

4 BIGGER PICTURE The new Panoramic wallpaper collection from Élitis comprises 72 large-format original designs that explore different materials and subject matter to spectacular effect. Featuring paintings, drawings, figurative motifs and engravings, the works offer a large-scale X-factor in a room. The standard-format embossed vinyl sheets measure 3 m high and 2.8 – 4 m wide, depending on the design. The brand is available at St Leger & Viney.

5 WILD AND FREE Inspired by Maurice Sendak’s 1963 classic children’s book Where The Wild Things Are, Missibaba’s new accessories collection by the same name draws on the fantasy landscape of childhood where the lines between real and make-belief often blur. The pieces – leather bags, belts and earrings – capture that imaginative spirit.

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