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Jun 14, 2019 | Featured, Home

Evocative new fabric ranges from Hertex will keep your winter spaces current

Hertex’s exciting new winter collection offers a wide range of designs for homeowners looking to add additional depth and layers to their rooms for the season. Divided into five themes, each brings something different to the table:


The artisanal theme expresses a selection of romantic watercolour collections that encompass everything from the soil under our feet to the sky above us. This artistic expression moves away from the more precise machine-created print and into a looser, more imperfect, hand-printed look and feel.


This trend speaks to a striking representation of the African continent’s bold spirit and strong design aesthetic. Ranging from tribal geometric patterns in autumn colourways to traditional and non-traditional animal prints, from the perennial leopard and snake prints to modern jewel-toned velvets.


The Jungle theme groups exotic designs that call to mind faraway lands and dense and fragrant foliage, filled with exotic animals and leafy backdrops. Here fauna meets flora, successfully combining two popular themes into one ‘super’ theme.


A beautifully curated winter palette showcases shades of mustard, berry, navy and moss in a host of patterns, prints and plains, from bold and bright to washed and worn.


Texture is key for interior interest. Enlarged prints of natural and manmade visual textures and tactile crushed velvets, woven jacquards and felt-like designs ensure dynamic spaces.

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