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Feb 21, 2020 | Home

Bofred’s bold new collection honours the idea of home

Bofred’s brand-new range channels its founders’ various passions and favourite places into a succinct and carefully composed collection of pieces. We asked them about their inspiration.

I know the range is influenced by a few different places – tell me a bit about that and how each location influenced the designs?

Home is the inspiration behind our new Bask Collection – from Muscat to Durban – encapsulated in one line. Each piece in the Bask Collection is a unique recollection of a place and time spent in one of these cities. The names of the products give hints – it’s an ode to an environment that allows us to be, even when we’re someplace else.

Is there a common thread linking the different pieces in the collection?

We focused on incorporating the shapes, colours and feel of our home environments into the design process, with evident ties to the various landscapes referenced. The link between two different cities is a personal one and one that’s based on our homes, Durban for Carla and Muscat for Christa.

Talk me through the colour palette and textures…

It’s grainy deserts, soft oceans, foamy waves, wind-licked beaches and lime-washed buildings. Home is busy, dusty street corners, vast swathes of muted earth. It’s thunderstorms. It’s uniform cloudless skies, oases of saturated green and horizons cut by jagged peaks.

How do the new pieces fit in with your existing ranges?

Our latest designs are all quite sculptural. In our previous Clay collection, we also focused on bold handmade textures and played with motifs found in the Karoo landscape with our Mohair Rug collaboration.

How does the new collection reflect Bofred’s design ethos?

We believe that design should capture a moment in time, as well as tell a story of the now. Hopefully, our considered concept behind the new Bask collection achieves that. We also aim to have a handmade component to our work and try our best to use local artist, makers and sculptors to execute our final designs and love the collaborative process behind it.


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