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The Home Upgrade

Oct 25, 2019 | Design

The Home Upgrade offers inspiration for new ways of living in old buildings

With a population of 3,9 billion people living in cities, the world increasingly needs to look at new ways of inhabiting space to adapt to the new normals. From people having longer lifespans, to the trend towards living alone, and the growing consideration of living sustainably, refurbishing a home comes with new factors to take into account. The vast majority of the planet’s population now lives in an urban environment, which is a first in human history and these numbers are only going to grow – what this means for the built environment is that architects, engineers and urban planners need to be resourceful and savvy about how they create homes, and increasingly this means not bulldozing and building on top of the rubble, but working with what we have.

The Home Upgrade by design publishers Gestalten looks beyond big-budget projects and explores homes where the seemingly impossible has been achieved. Documenting successful renovations that meet environmental, spatial and budgetary challenges, the book is fodder for homeowners and architects looking for inspiration and highlights projects that offer a fresh perspective on old spaces. Historic conversions celebrate the dynamic relationship between old and new, and adaptive reuse projects reinvent the buildings around us. Detailing a selection of extraordinary transformations in recent years by leading studios, The Home Upgrade is an inspiring look at the possibilities of reimagining the urban landscape.

The book was co-edited by Tessa Pearson – who is a British journalist and editor specialising in design, architecture, and interiors. She is a regular contributor to ELLE Decoration and works with creative agencies and luxury brands.


Featured image (above):
Project: Baix Empordà Studio, Designer: Joan Lao, Location: Cruïlles, Spain, Built: 1700s
Photo Eugeni Pons, The Home Upgrade, gestalten 2019«


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