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Oct 1, 2018 | Design, Featured

Multitalented creative Andrea Brand makes art accessible through her textile designs

My lifelong fascination with colour, patterns, texture and ancient cloth traditions created a natural path for my art to be transferred onto a variety of lifestyle and interior surfaces. Being an artist with a background in colour therapy, I know how much colour affects our living and working environments, and my designs are aimed at creating a sense of flow and connection within spaces.

I have an innate curiosity about the world around me and I love to travel. On my travels I collect not only fabrics but also inspiration with my eyes. Markets draped in colour and hidden shops stacked to the roof with layers of textured cloth tell us stories of the traditions, cultures and history of the people who wear and use it.

All my work is influenced by my interaction with nature and its cycles, symmetry and mysteries. It is incredible what detail one finds in the smallest things and how it is echoed in larger bodies. There is a stillness in nature’s symmetry that reminds me of Buddhist mandalas: the impermanence of it all reflected by monks spending hours creating mandalas in the sand and then destroying them.

My 2018 collection, called Traces, found its form in the lush beauty and fascinating layered depth of an island jungle and in the life cycle of leaves – growth to decay, and decay feeding growth. There are three ranges in the collection: Jungle, Autumn and Leaf Greens.

The world we live in offers many ways to deepen the scope of one’s art and designs through collaboration. This excites me! I’ve worked with other creatives on a yoga lifestyle range, as well as a natural body product range where my customised designs were printed on the packaging.

My collections are all digitally printed on high-quality fabrics, wallpaper, wood and cork. I’m currently exploring printing on leather.

Running a business centred around the use of sustainable materials is important to me; I am constantly searching for materials that leave a small footprint and that are recyclable.

TEXT Michelle Kruger PHOTOGRAPH Andrea Brand

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