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Jun 7, 2019 | Design, Featured

Kettal’s new Band collection by Patricia Urquiola gets back to basics

Kettal’s reputation for innovation and progressive design has seen it attract some of the world’s most illustrious talents to its ranks for collaborative ranges that express the brand’s inventive ethos while offering something new and fresh for its followers.

One such designer is the renowned multidisciplinary cross-genre creative that is Patricia Urquiola. Known for her ability to bring newness to every project she approaches, she’s designed spaces and products as varied as showrooms, sanitaryware, flooring and sofas.

A longtime collaborator with Kettal, Urquiola brings her innovative angle to a new product range. The idea behind the Band collection is the breakdown of a structure – a sort of simplification down to the barest bones.

Starting with the idea that an object is designed using an ensemble of pieces, the design of the chair intentionally challenges the classic sophisticated lines of furniture and becomes something schematic – a conceptual programme.

In addition to the focus on its structure – which is made up of repetitive angular shapes – the design gives centre stage to its raw materials, and can be formed entirely of aluminium or teak wood combined with the Terrain Fabrics – a fabric range that reflects the subtle mélange of colours found in different natural landscapes (so that they become one with the outdoor landscape of their setting. Terrain fabrics are iridescent and textured – each is created with a mix of colours, with a surprising softness usually associated with indoor fabrics.


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