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Jan 16, 2020 | Trends

Decorex’s Anita Bloom shines a spotlight on lighting trends

Creative Director of Decorex Anita Bloom gives us the inside track on what to expect from Decorex Durban, Cape Town and Joburg 2020 with the Decorex Africa Trend Report 2020. Bloom’s experience running her own design studio followed by extensive graphic design and exhibition curation experience perfectly positions her to identify and share shifting design trends.

One area she’s focused on is lighting and Bloom says we’ll be putting the strict minimalism of Scandinavian design behind us. “We’re moving towards softer, more nature-inspired interiors and correspondingly gentle illumination,” she says. “Think grouped hanging lights, and floor lamps, table lamps, candles and lanterns that add a more sensual touch to our homes and moderate the starkness of Scandi design.”

Another growing trend is the use of paper lamps – Asian-inspired light fixtures that add an eclectic touch to any space. Japadi style (a blend of Scandi and traditional Japanese details), along with Wabi Sabi (the idea that imperfection is beautiful and life is impermanent) permeates lighting design, with cylinders, ovals and globes in white or neutral colours illuminating interiors. “Whether oversized, used singly or in bunches, these lights are sure to magically transform rooms,” says Bloom.

Rounded and organic shapes will also dominate when it comes to lighting – and the circle will be the most important (but by no means only) geometric shape that will influence designers in 2020. Also watch out for the resurgence of neon – think slogans up in lights or strategic blocks of colour. “Done well, neon features read like modern art installations. You can opt for a subtle glow or the full ‘shock and awe’ effect,” says Bloom.


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