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Summer Cocktails

Jan 8, 2019 | Featured, Lifestyle

Fuss-free entertaining

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Summer downtime calls for exciting and fuss-free entertaining options. The current profusion of a host of convenient new beverages, that cater to a wider audience concerned with quality products, means there is more variety than ever before for the consummate host.

Opihr Gin, the fastest growing premium gin in the UK, has launched a trio of delicious Ready to Drink (RTD) Gin & Tonic drinks, each with a different twist.

On shelves from December in all major retailers nationwide and priced at R149 for a 4 pack (containing one variant), the ready-made Opihr G&T is an ideal option for outdoor occasions, beach picnics and camping trips where you don’t want to sacrifice your favourite drink in favour of convenience. The range includes three flavours – Opihr Gin & Tonic with a dash of ginger, Opihr Gin & Tonic with a twist of orange, and a simple classic Opihr Gin & Tonic. All three serves have been paired with premium tonic waters, and at 6.5% abv, you’ll enjoy the unmistakeable flavour of Opihr Gin, with notes of cardamom and zesty citrus, and a warming finish of subtle spice.

For the teetotallers, local non-alcoholic brand Artemis offers artisanal drinks without the alcohol. A lemon peel and grapefruit cocktail with a pinch of green peppercorn, the addition of vodka flavour and uplifting botanicals Sceletium and Sutherlandia, it’s a refreshing drink for a hot simmer day.

For the discerning cocktail drinker, Fever-Tree’s mixers (for gin and other spirits) offer variety and quality for your summer afternoon cocktail. Created by Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow, the brand offers mixers that enhance the spirits, based on the idea that if the mixer is ¾ of the drink, it should be as good as the spirit element. With authentic and high-quality ingredients sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Ivory Coast, the range complements the flavour characteristics of different spirits – the Mediterranean Tonic Water contains notes of lemon thyme and rosemary from Provence to pair with citrus gins, while the Aromatic tonic water uses angostura bark from South America and pimento berries from Jamaica to create a sweet yet spicy flavour, which goes well with dry gins.

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