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Soul Space

Oct 11, 2019 | Beautiful Spaces

Jacques Erasmus has created a peaceful haven in Montagu where slow living is central

When Jacques Erasmus and his partner bought a property in Montagu, it was with the intention of using it themselves as a weekend getaway. They quickly realized its potential as a bnb though, and as a result others can experience the masterfully designed and restored space.

A designer and restaurateur by trade, Erasmus is known for elegant and timeless interiors that appeal to all the senses and where no detail is too small to be considered. His eye for curation and composition is superb and his spaces are always a celebration of texture, colour and context.

Jonkmanshof 20 has all the makings of a truly special space – even when they first found it and it was in disrepair. The laborious two-year renovation process saw the 160-odd year old building restored and its original beauty revealed – from the reed ceilings and original wide floorboards, to the thatched roof. Dry walls were removed to restore the house to its original gracious proportions and elegant stature.

The eclectic décor hints at Erasmus well-rounded and worldly interests and multicultural design style. From Delft ware to Oriental antiques and Cape Dutch furniture, the pieces have provenance. The spaces are also pleasing to the senses – smell, touch, sound, taste. From the earthy palette and touchable bed linen, to the kitchen garden and its fragrant citrus.

He’s paid special attention to certain spaces – the kitchen’s farm-style charm is a nod to Erasmus’ own upbringing and his passion for food, while the bathrooms are consciously luxe (Erasmus believes they should be generous spaces and decorated with as much love as the rest of the house), and underlining every vignette and detail is a sense of simplicity.


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