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Small wonders

Jun 20, 2019 | Featured, Investment

The trend towards small luxurious properties in the Cape sees people downsizing in scale but not in specs

With space at a premium globally, coupled with the appeal of convenient, hassle-free living, there’s a desire among some upmarket homebuyers for more manageable space, without compromising on luxury and quality – and with the emphasis on lifestyle. Dr Andrew Golding of Pam Golding Properties elaborates on the trend.

What do you say to people who equate small with less luxurious?
As spaces shrink, when it comes to high-end homes, there’s no need to forego the latest cutting-edge architecture, leading world-class luxury and stylish, contemporary design. On the contrary, you can still create a showpiece with all the latest features, unique appeal and privacy. Visualise a sun deck that can ‘float’ between swimming pools, or an amphibious floating house, which rises in sync with the level of the River Thames. These are both realities in existing micro mansions abroad.

Where can we see this trend playing out in South Africa?
Micro mansions is a catchphrase that definitely epitomises the very nature of the Cape’s Atlantic Seaboard due to the scarcity of view sites and the demand to live in this prime, narrow coastal strip perched on the side of a mountain.

In this regard there is no doubt that sought-after Nettleton Road in Clifton must take the crown, as you just need to drive along it to appreciate that this concept has found favour here in the Cape. Let us not forget the spectacular apartments perched on the water’s edge in Clifton, Bantry Bay and the rest of the Atlantic Seaboard, where the trend in recent years has been to create bespoke living spaces overlooking the ocean, without the hassle that comes with maintaining a large mansion set on large grounds.

What are the benefits of this type of lifestyle?
These buyers get the convenience of hassle-free living within the confines of the special micro climate offered by the Atlantic Seaboard, with easy walking access to trendy restaurants, shops, pavement cafes and outdoor activities such as walks on the beachfront promenade. Here they enjoy the benefit of enhanced security offered by these apartment blocks, many of which offer a front desk concierge and high-end security. There are a number of gyms in the area within walking distance and the Green Point Urban Park is a big drawcard as well as the proximity to the V&A Marina and more importantly, the lack of gridlock traffic when heading into the CBD.


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