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Q&A: Tim Warrillow, Co-founder of Fever Tree

Dec 11, 2018 | Lifestyle, Trends

Q&A with Tim Warrillow, co-founder of Fever-Tree, the world’s leading premium mixer company

HAS THE GROWING POPULARITY OF ARTISANAL DRINKS MADE FOR A MORE DISCERNING CONSUMER? There is no doubt consumers are becoming more interested in the provenance and quality of the ingredients, not just in the spirits but also in the mixer they use to go with them.

WHY DO YOU THINK FEVERTREE HAS RECEIVED A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE FROM THE TRADE? From the beginning we knew it was important to get endorsement from trade. We approached our marketing very differently and engaged with leading bartenders and chefs, showcasing the passion and lengths we went to in using the highest quality ingredients. Soon, we were being endorsed by the world’s tastemakers, like Jamie Oliver in the UK and Spanish chef Ferran Adrià, who even created a dish using our tonic water.

WHY SOURCE THE INGREDIENTS AT THEIR ORIGIN? We went back into the history books to find the most authentic ingredients and then tracked them down, from the DRC, where we source our quinine, to the Ivory Coast for fresh green ginger. The result is a range of mixers that perfectly complement the variety of flavour characteristics of different spirits.

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