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Push the Photography Frontiers | VSCO Cam

Push the Photography Frontiers | VSCO Cam

Since Instagram and its new found multi-media marketing uses have spread like wildfire across the globe, it’s only natural to see a flood of photo apps dominate our storage space, but few are as smart and worthy as VSCO Cam.

As a modern real estate agent, you know that your smartphone is your all-purpose tool when it comes to marketing your properties. Photos are always the obvious choice, and VSCO Cam has an array of features to make those interior and exterior home shots really pop.

Though initially a challenge to manoeuvre, due to a very minimal layout, VSCO Cam can be frustrating to use at first. Given a few minutes of thumbing around and testing each button, you get the hang of it and it becomes a rather sleek way to take and edit great photos.



What makes VSCO Cam great?

  1. All photos taken or edited with VSCO Cam are stored separate from your camera’s roll, ideal for keeping your professional shots away from the family ones.
  2. You can easily add Instagram-like filters to photos for a quick, but appealing, edit.
  3. The camera function comes with useful features, like grids to help get those flawlessly symmetrical shots.
  4. There are easy-to-use sliders to adjust every effect, allowing you more photo editing control.
  5. The VSCO Cam website is just as nifty, there you can check out your feed compiled of fellow shutterbugs you follow, view The Grid (a gallery of stunning VSCO Cam taken/edited photos) from a larger screen, browse the VSCO Cam journal for interesting articles and intriguing inspirations, or buy more filters.




What makes VSCO Cam not so great?

  1. The minimalist icon-heavy layout makes user experience (UX) slightly tricky at first.
  2. Unfortunately, The Grid is curated and does not allow for viewer feedback or voting.


The pros definitely outweigh the cons, and VSCO Cam is definately an app we recommend.


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Text: Andy Moller
Photographs: Supplied and iTunes


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