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Mar 2, 2020 | Home

Cara Saven’s new product combines beauty and practicality

Cara Saven is a familiar name on the surface design scene, known best perhaps for her dynamic nature-inspired wallcoverings. In this beautiful space, designed by Sharon Milstead Design, her style is shown off to perfection courtesy of complementary colour and surface combinations and a beautifully conceived layout.

This space also demonstrates the impact of Saven’s brand-new product offering, VividTex. The studio’s latest development in its seamless wallpaper category is a first of its kind globally. Offering a print quality that has never been seen in large-format printing, it offers an unparalleled intensity of colour and shows the technology’s capacity to print in sharp crisp detail.

It also has practical as well as aesthetic benefits, making it an excellent all-rounder in interior applications. “Due to its unique printing method, VividTex is completely scratch proof, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like hotels, restaurants and public spaces,” says Saven. It is also reusable, and can be printed up to three metres in height (by any width), giving it great versatility in terms of creative scope for a multitude of projects.

Arguably its best feature though it that the product is 100-percent made in South Africa, which means a vastly reduced carbon footprint and an affordable price point.


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