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Dec 4, 2018 | Featured, Trends

Formulated by a team of specialists, Plascon’s 2019 forecast features four colour themes which have been tied to the four seasons.

Colour expert at Plascon, Claire Bond says, “We know that different colours elicit different responses from people and that everyone has their favourite time of year. By linking our colour stories to the four seasons we hope to match the correct colour palette to the appropriate person.”

The Glamour story is a collection of summery hues combining stylish, curated, astringent and sensitive colours to create a feeling of comfort and individuality. Claire states, “People who like this story are confident, creative, bold and social, and are likely to create a flamboyant yet individualistic look in their home.”

The richly sophisticated Luxury colour story echoes hues of autumn and features grounded natural tones like aubergine and amber combined with unrestricted tomato red, pistachio green and cool blue. This theme is also home to Plascon’s Neutral of the Year, Ravine (62) – an artful blend of grey and beige that works beautifully in the classically decorated home. “Luxury’s colours evoke a lavish interior for those who want to enjoy life’s simple pleasures in a space where comfort and sophistication work hand in hand,” comments Claire.

For the innovator or the energetic adventurer, Plascon’s Urban colour story is linked to winter. Its uplifting colours denote a strong yet approachable person who’s ambitious yet also displays a keen sense of fun. Their interiors will have clean, uncluttered lines where order is important. This theme appeals to the thinking urbanite who also values the outdoors, seeks adventure and appreciates an introspective space where they can find balance and equilibrium.

The Minimal colour story channels spring, and is tailor-made for the nature-lover with its refreshing medley of cool, dark, neon and bright hues. Claire remarks, “The use of these refined colours, fresh saturated hues and steely shades eliminates the need to over-accessorise your space and contributes to an uplifting minimal look where colour is the hero. This story is for those thinkers out there who strive for perfection, are motivated to meet their goals and thrive in a natural environment.”

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