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Peace of heaven

Sep 23, 2019 | Investment

Montcalm offers boutique estate living with the benefits of nature

Located a few hundred metres above Christmas Bay in Sheffield Beach, Montcalm in Zululami is a new five-hectare boutique estate on the edge of Salt Rock that is in the process of being fully integrated into Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate.

Tim Johnson, Seeff’s MD for the North Coast, says that estate integration is not a new concept in estate development and has been implemented both locally and nationally.

“Zimbali Beach Estate and Zimbali Coastal Resort followed this example as did Val die Vie and Pearl Valley in the Western Cape. These notable estates have all been hugely successful and through mutual integration residents can enjoy more facilities and amenities than they previously envisaged. This integration also ensures the best infrastructure use for both current and future residents of amalgamated estates,” he says.

Johnson goes on to explain that residents of Montcalm (located adjacent to the larger Zululami estate) will have access to all of Zululami’s amenities while simultaneously enjoying a boutique living experience with an exclusive gatehouse entrance and a number of unparalleled sea-view sites.

“A key driver of the planning was to enable residents to move around their own safe boutique environs as well as being able to access Zululami’s wide open spaces, community clubhouses, elevated boardwalks, bird hides and walking and cycling trails set within a wetland area, with as much ease as possible,” he says.

Montcalm will also allow residents of Zululami to enjoy easier beach access to Christmas Bay – one of Sheffield Beach’s best-kept secrets.

Johnson says that the natural resources of Montcalm determined the course for the pattern of land use and occupation and set the tone for a commitment to environmental preservation. “The master plan ensures it is a low-density housing estate with a designated 30% site coverage and generous planting servitudes between each home. The design code successfully integrates sustainability into the homes – with a focus on green living as well as luxury,” he says.

The homes will have a modern contemporary silhouette with features such as large overhangs, planted roofs, natural finishes (think stone, wood and concrete) and large glazed openings opening onto the surrounding landscape.

Energy-efficient lighting and air-conditioning solar panels as well as water conservation measures, including storm water management on each site must also be utilised in the design. An additional point to note is that two dogs per household are permitted.

Prices range from R2.2 million to R3.8 million depending on views and with an average size of 1400m2.


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