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PA in your pocket | Planner Pro

PA in your pocket | Planner Pro

Juggling your career and personal life can become overwhelming, especially when your days are filled to the brim. Since smartphones and scheduling apps are not news, most professionals are already using mobile device software to keep them updated. The new trend is finding one that does the work of a few – and this is where Appxy’s Planner Pro application (version 3.3.0) comes in.

Planner Pro allows you to manage your life by scheduling notes, tasks and events, which means a full overview of what your entire day or week looks like in one place.


What makes Planner Pro great?

1. It has a free version you can test drive.
2. The user experience is simple, barely taking 10 minutes to understand.
3. Appxy is attentive when it comes to fixing errors, with their most recent update on 31 March 2016, and is open to consumer feedback regarding how the app can be improved.
4. Planner Pro’s day view comes with a daily motivational quote.
5. The full version is only R99.99 per year and comes with useful features, such as a more informative landscape view and the ability to export your schedule to print out.
6. Planner Pro is available for both Apple and Android products.


What makes Planner Pro not so great?

1. The free version is limited and is basically a glorified version of Apple’s built-in calendar app.
2. Planner Pro’s month view has minimal design elements, preventing users from differentiating between months with ease.
3. The desktop widget is buggy, showing all tasks, including completed ones.

Planner Pro is useful if you need to keep track of your deadline-driven days and allows for more information to be added with every scheduled event. If you’re looking for something simpler with a cleaner layout, however, then your built-in calendar and reminder apps will do the trick.

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