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Feb 7, 2020 | Lifestyle

The solo features at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair demonstrate a variety of global talent

The Investec Cape Town Art Fair takes place 14 to 16 February at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. As the leading art fair in Africa, ICTAF 2020 will showcase work from the foremost galleries from South Africa, the African continent, and abroad and these solo shows will serve as one of the many exciting features at the event.

Salon91, Kirsten Beets
Kirsten Beets’ paintings inhabit a place somewhere been the real and imagined, a painted mythology that explores ethical realities. She is continually looking at the shifting relationship between people at leisure and the natural world and isolates the moments of these interactions. Her exhibitions are complex collections of observations and imaginary musings made manifest in oil paint on paper, board and linen.

Everard Read, Teresa Kutala Firmino
Teresa Kutala Firmino, born in 1993 in Pomfret in the North West province, is a multimedia artist, now based in Johannesburg. She works with paint, photography and performance an is part of a collective called Kutala Chopeto, which started as an investigation into their shared history – linked to the 32 Battalion, the soldiers who were settled in Pomfret in the North West Province after the Border War. Their work addresses issues of identity, heritage and history associated with their family’s migration.

Eclectica Contemporary, Nina Holmes
Nina Holmes is a Cape Town-based artist and has been featured in many group shows in and around Cape Town. Her body of work is complex and challenging in ways that extend beyond the comfortable colours, light and techniques of the impressionist-esque visuals and pushes the viewer to look further, through the pleasantries and floral motifs that are richly available in the plush and sumptuous palette.

SMAC, Alexandra Karakashian
Karakashian obtained her Bachelor of Art in Fine Art degree at the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town in 2011. On graduation, she was awarded both the Judy Steinberg Painting Prize and the Simon Gerson Distinction Award. She went on to graduate with a Masters degree in Fine Art from the same institution in 2015. Karakashian was an artist in residence at Capo d’Arte in Gagliano del Capo, Italy in 2016.

AfriArt Gallery, Sungi Mlengeya
Mlengeya is a Tanzanian-born multi-passionate artist and painter. Being among the few emerging female artists in her country, she serves as an example to future creatives. Only recently embarking on a full-time art career, her work is already recognised and appreciated by art critics and broader audiences within the country and beyond.

Lars Kristian Bode, Riley Holloway
Riley Holloway lives and works in Dallas, US and is best known for his dynamic work and fresh look at figurative art. His images are often accompanied by text and other personal references embedded within the work. Holloway uses a bold painterly technique to create depth within the portraits and there is a softness which accompanies his wild markings. Holloway’s aesthetics create familiar spaces that are rich in storytelling, free from constraints, and true to his subjects.


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