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Natural beauty

Aug 2, 2019 | Beautiful Spaces, Featured

OKHA’s latest Cape Town apartment is an ode to the tones and textures surrounding it

Clifton is iconic for its coastal lifestyle and enviable setting. OKHA’s latest interior project Clifton 301, embodies all the things we love best about beach living interpreted in the studio’ inimitable glamorous and yet earthy style.

A seasonal two-bedroom apartment in a SAOTA-designed complex, the pied-à-terre is flanked by mountains and ocean, with the setting inspiring the space to a large degree.

Equal parts peaceful getaway and entertainer’s dream, the interiors had to fulfill both requirements. In response, OKHA designed a largely neutral scheme to complement the monochromatic interior shell, as well as key items of bespoke furniture, which give it an even greater sense of cohesion.  

“Our first objective was to individualise the space by modulating the internal colour palette,” says OKHA director Adam Court. This meant creating a cool, calm palette that would serve as a restful respite from the brightness of the outdoors. “We used subtle shades of green with delicate natural tonalities that reference the local landscape,” says Court. Echoing tones found around Table Mountain – from the granite to the fynbos – via an earthy but luxurious palette of natural timbers, stones and metals, grounds the space in its surroundings. “The palette is intentionally and carefully controlled and restrained to embrace the ever-changing colours of the sunrise and sunset, which are the real centrepiece and art show.”

These elemental textures are contrasted with luxe materials like velvet and linens on the walls and furniture, which Court describes as “quiet opulence”. “These shades are repeated in the furniture with a strong emphasis on textures and materials,” he adds. Similarly, the pieces are understated. Court says, “The designs are pared-back and lean focusing on strong forms and shapes that communicate simply and directly.”

The reference to the location continues in the artwork and accessories, all created by Cape-based artisans, which gives the spaces an additional layer of local character.


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