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Sep 5, 2018 | Featured, Luxury

Celebrate in style

Just in time for the festive season, Moët & Chandon presents a highly symbolic limited-edition ‘Tribute to the French Art of Living’ gift pack, featuring treasured French landmarks and symbols with special significance to the internationally celebrated Champagne house.

French tradition holds this very ‘art de vivre’ in high regard, celebrating a taste for refinement, attention to detail, the gesture of hosting generously and rejoicing with family and friends.

At the heart of the design you’ll find the Orangerie, the centrepiece of an architectural ensemble inspired by the Versailles palace and built in Epernay by Jean-Remy Moët in the early 1800s. A symbol of the heritage of Moët & Chandon, its classical grandeur evokes the distinctive style with which the house, throughout history, has received illustrious guests, deploying an elevated art of hospitality and hosting on par with its Champagnes.

The Champagne pyramid, a signature symbol of the house, is also showcased prominently to represent Moët & Chandon’s unparalleled proficiency in the art of celebration, aptly known as its “savoir-fête”. The image of stacked glasses overflowing with champagne evokes the generosity and tradition of bringing abundance and cascading bubbles to glamorous celebrations around the world.

The majestic nature of the Arc de Triomphe, a symbol of Parisian and French grandeur built in 1806 by Napoleon, links Moët & Chandon’s own historical relationship with the Emperor. Frequently hosted by Jean-Remy Moët as he stopped in Epernay on his way to battle, Napoleon’s faithful patronage gave rise to the name of the flagship champagne of the House, Moët Impérial.

The Eiffel Tower, an eternal emblem of French style, evokes with its iconic silhouette, the Universal Exposition of 1889 which saw the birth of that timeless icon in the City of Lights as a monument to French craftsmanship, at a time when Moët & Chandon’s wines were served to the new world’s elites.

“With the Tribute to French Art-de-Vivre limited edition gift pack, Moët & Chandon ushers in the holiday season with an exclusive invitation to the world’s Champagne lovers to add a touch of refinement à la française to year-end celebrations,” says Nathalie Normand, International Director of Marketing and Communications for Moët & Chandon.

The limited edition ‘Tribute to French Art-de-Vivre’ is available in three varieties: Moët & Chandon Impérial, Nectar Impérial and Rosé Impérial. The Tribute to French Art de Vivre gift pack proves once again that Moët is the past master of festive style. Available from select retailers nationwide. Recommended retail pricing: Impérial R549, Nectar Impérial R639 and Rosé Impérial R649.

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