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Oct 11, 2019 | REAL|People

Globally sourced and locally loved, The Cotton Company’s pieces are produced with soul

Madeleine Hugo, founding owner of The Cotton Company tells us about her love for textiles. The company ships internationally and is predominantly online based, but does have a store in Paarl (Boschenmeer) which will be open on Saturdays this coming November and December.

Tell me about the origins of your product?

I fell in love with Turkish towels during the time I lived in Istanbul. A highlight of my stay was an extraordinary road trip through the Turkish countryside where I met a family of authentic Turkish towel weavers. It’s this family that lovingly craft our Turkish Towels and throws in rural Turkey.

When you choose designs for the SA market, what factors do you take into account – what about a design makes it well suited to the SA aesthetic?

From the first time I used a Turkish Towel, I knew that its will be perfect for our South African lifestyle. Something that is comfortable, stylish and versatile. I get inspired by the colours of South African summer and our beaches, oceans and forests. I listen to my customers and bring in the colours that I know will work in South African homes.

Do the products have any element of sustainability?

Our products are ethically made by our family of weavers – our products are produced and purchased in a manner that demonstrates respect for the people who produce them as well as for the environment. It’s slow fashion at its best! I can tell you exactly who made your Turkish Towel. Additionally, because of the versatility of the product you only need to buy a few good quality pieces that you can use in a variety of ways in your home and life. We focus on less quantity and more quality pieces for your family.

How do you see the product line developing over time?

The business is leading me into a direction with customers giving their input into what they want. I’m working on a home, beach and baby collection with beautiful new hand-woven throws.

What is your favourite design, and why?

I would say the Kelim collection. I use my light grey Kelim for everything. From an airplane blanket to a scarf while traveling and then it turns into a picnic blanket or shawl. At home that same one is a blanket on the couch and gets pulled closer on chilly nights.

What other South African homeware brands do you admire?

Mia Melange
Ark Workshop
Klomp Ceramics
Wonki Ware
Mervyn Gers
Marieke Prinsloo Rowe


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