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In full bloom

Sep 13, 2019 | Home

Spring has sprung at Love Milo with a fresh new crop of florals

Love Milo has mastered the art of subtle prints and patterns, and delicate nature-oriented designs. Its new spring blossom range continues to bring the beauty of the outdoors in. A range of fabrics as well as products, the new design is fresh and season appropriate, perfect for injecting some newness into your space.

Inspired by the soft colors of spring, you will see new pastels and a redesign of the recognisable magnolia blossom, to create the perfect symbolism of spring. “I have a personal love affair with the blossom, how they look and all their different symbolisms. I spent a lot of time in Japan in my early twenties and always had a connection with the culture and country. I have wonderful memories of the beautiful spring blossoms that lined the streets in spring, and they bring back a certain nostalgia for me,” says founder Nicki Ellis.

The range bridges homeware and lifestyle – with the elegant kimono as one of the star products. “We are so excited to launch our first range of kimonos. We felt the spring blossom fabric would translate so beautifully into a kimono as another sort of ‘canvas’ for our designs, but this time one that you can wear,” says Ellis.

The colours are equally elegant and in tune with the delicacy and subtlety of the season. “I chose to use a French Lilac and Pistachio colour as the background for the blossoms, as I felt these colors added a timeless feel to the white blossoms that would accentuate all areas of the home,” says Ellis.

These colours – pistachio, French lilac, blossom white and peach – combine well with the existing Love Milo ranges, especially the brass items, and while perfect for the season, remain timeless and relevant all year.

Signature elements of the Love Milo brand come through the designs via insect and butterfly motifs in black.


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