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Sep 2, 2019 | REAL|People

A new volume tells the story of renowned and respected design and style icon Cécile Tilly

Cécile celebrates the life and work of Cécile Tilley, a design doyenne, style icon and the founder and ongoing inspiration behind beloved creative studio and retail company Cécile & Boyd.

Timed to coincide with the celebration of the brand’s 30th birthday, it’s a tribute to the woman behind the name, whose inimitable courage, creative instincts and inherent charisma inspired all those who crossed paths with her. And has been painstakingly put together, scrapbook-style, by creative duo Kerryn Fischer and Luanne Toms, with imagery ranging from archival family snaps to photographs from some of the industry’s finest.

Although Cécile passed away in 2014, her energy still informs the company’s aesthetic and attitude today. The book, which has been lovingly compiled with beautiful visuals, anecdotes, quotes and observations by those who knew her best, and loved her most, tells the story of her life and work, chronicles noteworthy projects, personal and professional, and documents the beginnings of the business, as well as how she still informs it today, acknowledging most importantly her contribution to creating what is now one of the country’s most prominent and respected design authorities.

Starting with a foreword by her business partner and friend Boyd Ferguson, whose transgenerational friendship with Cécile was so emblematic of her as a person – unconventional, dynamic and creative – the book tracks her life, from her birth in Mauritius through various life events and pivotal moments and events, until her retirement.

The rich volume features contributions by a wide variety of personal friends, family, industry acquaintances and colleagues, who have all offered their memories of Cécile and what she meant to them, and how she inspired or influenced their lives and work.


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