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Jul 5, 2019 | Design, Featured

The Nordlux range is a bright new addition to Newport Lighting

As a purveyor of high-end on-trend lighting from a host of market-leading brands from around the world, Newport is always at the forefront of lighting trends. In its continued efforts to offer the forward-thinking homeowner variety, Newport Lighting is now stocking the 2019/2020 Nordlux range of decorative lighting.

Owner Guy Harris uses his vast knowledge to deliver solutions that offer elegance and style, and the Cape Town retail outlet’s innovative approach to merchandising allows the lights to shine. Established in 1977, Nordlux continues the Danish tradition of beautifully considered design – with an additional goal of supplying attractive pieces at affordable prices. Its award-winning combination of a European aesthetic, Chinese manufacturing efficiency and innovative tech gives its products the best of all worlds and makes it an excellent and accessible brand for the local market.

Combining Nordlux’s global expertise with Newport’s decade plus of experience and knowledge of the local lighting industry, this partnership will allow clients access to quality lighting that is both design-led, economical and aligned with international design trends.

Nordlux’s collective of innovative lighting designers includes the likes of Anders G. Ellegaards, Carlo Volf and Antonio Sena, who are all known for their recognisable contemporary lighting designs (both indoor and outdoor) and which range across residential and commercial use.

Visitors to the Newport Lighting store can expect an inspired display of a selection of Nordlux designs available for immediate purchase.


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