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Jan 15, 2019 | Design, Featured


Always at the forefront of design, Kettal has a five-decade tradition of innovation. Collaborating with the best designers around the world to bring exciting, unique products to the consumer, Kettal’s designs continuously reflect global social, lifestyle and design trends. At the core of Kettal’s business is the creation of timeless furniture, that is both functional and expressive, and which provides solutions to the needs of modern life, through a combination of creativity, customisation, innovation and quality production.

Its new Bike Parking Pavilion is one such design. Indicative of the way the world’s attitude to mobility and travel is changing, it’s a design-forward solution that embraces new ways of getting to and from places without sacrificing aesthetic and functional integrity.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into the architectural environment and create open spaces by means of transparent material and light structures, the Bike Parking Pavilion consists of a sleek minimal aluminium design with a variety of closing options. These can be for the roof or for the sides and you can also opt to have them made from aluminium or wood, fixed or sliding.

The structure also includes an electrical socket and various lighting options. The user can even customise their own spaces – the Pavilion is available in 30 different colourways. Kettal’s utmost regard for functionality and first-grade materials ensures the creation of high-quality and long-lasting products.

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