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It’s a jungle in here

Apr 29, 2019 | Featured, Home

Hertex’s Jungalow collection transforms interior spaces into foliage-filled wonderlands

The natural trend is not a new one, but its enduring appeal speaks to people’s need to be surrounded by living things, or at least a connection to them. Trend expert Li Edelkoort stressed this at her recent trends seminar and said that more and more, people are bringing elements of the outdoors inside, to the extent that many are opting for full-on indoor jungles by way of mass potted plants.

There are easier and lower-maintenance ways to introduce elements of the natural world into your living space however and still get the same wow-factor impact, and one of those is with your walls. Hertex’s Jungalow wallpaper collection is an evocative range of wallpaper designs and large-scale flora and fauna inspired panels that range in subject from tapestry flowers to botanical studies of birds. The varied imagery and different styles of the designs (some reminiscent of old masters, some contemporary takes) make the range really versatile and appealing to a diverse type of homeowner.

The wallpaper range offers more subtle patterns – delicate ferns and feminine cherry blossoms for example – while the wallpaper panel collection is designed to make an impression – pick a pale pink lotus flower for zen simplicity or palms silhouetted against the sky to call to mind a sense of escape.

As with many of Hertex’s products, the range is accessible but also relatively timeless, so even though the designs are currently on point, they will last beyond the lifespan of the current ‘trend’. Florals especially will never date, so that’s a safe choice if you’re on the hunt for a décor solution that needs to last.


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