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Inside Design: Q&A with Lucia Silvestri

Mar 26, 2019 | Featured, REAL|People

We share some insights from Bulgari creative director Lucia Silvestri

HOW DO YOUR DESIGNERS INTEGRATE THE LATEST TRENDS? The trend in terms of fine jewellery is to play with more layers, colours of gold, mixing the collections. As far as high jewellery is concerned, there is a return to the choker and large earrings.

WHERE DO YOUR JEWELLERS FIND INSPIRATION TO PRODUCE NEW CONCEPTS AROUND THE SERPENT, AN EMBLEMATIC PART OF THE BULGARI IDENTITY It’s about keeping up with the times, discovering new stimuli and incentives, and understanding societies and their tastes.

WHICH METALS AND JEWELS INSPIRE YOUR DESIGNERS? We are always looking for innovative materials, from titanium to ceramic, and searching for all that is precious that can be complementary to gold.

WHAT SKILLS DO THE MODERN DESIGNER NEED TO ACHIEVE THE LEVEL OF CRAFTSMANSHIP OF CENTURIES AGO? Obviously, the designer must be creative, but also realistic. Creativity must be supported by feasibility. The jewel, in addition to being incorporated in the design, has to be made to be worn every day – not reserved for formal occasions only.

WHAT DOES BULGARI’S DESIGNERS CONSIDER WHEN CREATING NEW PIECES: CLASSIC STYLE OR MILLENNIAL TASTES? It must be a mix. We have a rich history of tradition as well as innovation. We have always been at the forefront of design, yet our pieces can be considered timeless.

CONSIDERING THE BUYING POWER OF MILLENNIALS AND GENERATION Z, IS THERE PRESSURE TO DESIGN WITH THEIR TASTES IN MIND? Yes, sure, but without moving away from our aesthetic canon. The millennial generation may have great purchasing power, but they also look for creativity and excellent quality.

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