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May 10, 2019 | Trends

The art to combining furniture lies in layers

Furniture and design specialists Mobelli dishes on its tips to creating the perfect eclectic living space. We hear from co-founder Alon Sachs on how to work with their midcentury inspired pieces:

Pay attention to scale: Play with the height and weight of the pieces – a coffee table that’s lower than the sofa or a shelving unit with height (such as the Highline), balanced with original art on the walls.

Create repetition: One way to achieve this is by repeating the colours of the artwork in decor accessories, scatter cushions and rugs. This can also be done with the shape of furniture – creating a thread of curved or boxy furniture for example.

Choose an inspiration piece: When combining different styles and eras it always helps to start with one focal object and build from there. This could be a credenza, an occasional chair, or even a coffee table.

A sofa is an excellent focal point, as it commands a room and is integral to the space. There are many styles out there – the key to finding a timeless sofa is to choose one with a classic fabric in a neutral colour that is comfortable and made using quality materials. Steer clear of bright colours and patterns that could date. A timeless sofa is not one that follows trends, but rather one that sets the tone and balances the room.

Mix different materials: Use complementary materials and textures to avoid the room becoming overwhelming. For instance, a room with all dark-wood furniture may become too gloomy, but if you contrasting materials, such as a piece with a white marble top, it will balance the colours, making the space look and feel more inviting.

Do your research: It is easy to throw furniture and decor accessories together in a room, but if you want your space to look thoughtfully curated you need to do the research first. Read up about the styles that you are interested in, such as mid-century modern design, to fully understand what makes it a great style and how to effectively incorporate it into your home.

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