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Jan 30, 2020 | Trends

KushKush Africa’s first female-focused cannabis platform focuses on top-quality products, advice and education

Now that South Africans are legally able to possess and cultivate cannabis for personal use, there’s a growing demand for high-quality products and advice. The recently launched female-focused online platform KushKush, which is owned and managed by women, carries a range of products and content which will appeal to anyone from a regular recreational or medicinal user to the canna-curious who want to learn more.

Started by Jo Hope, whose previous roles in fashion retail and publishing and passion for sustainability ideally prepared her for the challenge, the concept was prompted by a less than pleasant experience buying paraphernalia. This experience shaped her vision for KushKush: a beautifully curated showcase of premium cannabis-related products and an ecosystem that connects, educates and inspires other women within this important social revolution.

KushKush’s aim is to empower women in the areas of health, wellness, beauty, nutrition, exercise, fashion, sex and business and is the first cannabis platform in Africa oriented toward a female consumer. The platform was started to cater specifically to this burgeoning sector of the market. Before launching, KushKush conducted a research survey, which shows that most female consumers use cannabis products for relaxation, stress release and better sleep, but they would also love to find out more about how it can be used for skincare, mental health and wellness, and enhanced creativity.

As a result, the KushKush offering includes everything from stylish apparel and accoutrements, to medicinally oriented journals, recipe books and intimacy oils – all of which are underpinned by a discerning approach to design and quality. In addition to making sophisticated products available to local consumers, KushKush has also populated its website with a host of content by thought leaders in the broader cannabis community worldwide. As the stigma around cannabis use fades, women are increasingly looking to navigate this inspirational space.

The KushKush community can explore the spectrum of cannabis use, from instructions on making edibles and reading up on foodie mag Kitchen Toke, to indulging in a range of gorgeous lifestyle products (from smokeware by Laundry Day and odour-proof bags to high-quality skincare products from international brand Kiskanu). KushKush looks forward to introducing select South African brands in the coming months that share the same quality and aesthetic as the selection of international brands featured.

‘We’re taking it slow and will only offer our customers brands that align with our standards and values,” she says. Plus, she laughs, the KushKush team reviews each and every product, ‘so you know it comes with a guaranteed feel-good factor!’ says Hope.


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