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Mar 25, 2019 | Design, Featured

willowlamp’s Halo is a triumph of form and function, inspired by an iconic Spanish cathedral

One of willowlamp’s most recent creations, The Halo is an exploration of architectural proportions. Founder of willowlamp, and its creative director, Adam Hoets’ career was founded in architecture, and so his designs always have strong fundamental structure. But in this design, he takes the inspiration to a literal level but referencing a famous architect’s iconic work.

Taking as its starting point the Spanish modernist architect Antoni Gaudi, this newest piece light draws on one of Gaudi’s most famous works. Considered one of his greatest triumphs, the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona is unforgettable for its soaring Neo-Gothic arches. It’s these that lend The Halo its signature shape and flowing lines. Before completing the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi was sadly killed by a tram in 1926, but his masterpiece was completed posthumously, thanks to the numerous models that he left behind. Gaudi used inverted chain models to simulate the structural forces of compression because these force lines act the same while in tension.

When explaining the process behind conceiving and creating The Halo, Hoets says: ‘I initially had multiple spires in mind.’ But this evolved to become his final version of The Halo, which involved rotating a foundational chain shape approximately 128 times. “It resembles more of a futuristic teleportation device than a Neo-Gothic cathedral,” he says.

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