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Ground breaking

May 17, 2019 | Featured, Home

Lund Rug Gallery talks us through how to work 2019’s trends into your space

As an expert in the flooring field, we asked Loryn van de Wouw to break down LUND Rug Gallery’s three top rug trends for the year. Having recently attended Domotex – the annual showcase of carpets and floor coverings in Hannover, Germany, where the world’s leading manufacturers and designers show off their latest creations – they were well placed to hone in on what styles and processes might be big for the year ahead.

Three dominant trends LUND picked up from Domotex, which have been incorporated into the LUND Rug offering are:

“At Domotex, silks were being used intelligently to tie in with the current furniture trends featuring antique brass and gold finishes, as well as countertops and wall cladding in granite and marble – a definite ode to the 1920s,” says Van de Wouw. By using metallic and silk yarns in its design, a rug instantly becomes more luxurious. The subtlety of using silk in a rug gives depth and light to the raw earthiness of wool and adds an elevated air of sophistication. At the show, silk yarns produced silvery and copper effects.

Bold Geometry
Taking inspiration from Art Deco, geometric and graphic patterns are taking centre stage in a versatile mix of warm neutrals and muted blushes which can be combined with emerald and hunter greens, aquamarine and coral. “These designs are neither loud nor overpowering in presence, owing to the principle of biogeometry, another sub trend we picked up on at Domotex. Here, the use of circles, waveform patterns and angles, when used carefully, have a proven harmonising effect – which our new Sculpt range shows nicely,” says Van de Wouw.

LUND is passionate about the tactile quality of traditional hand-knotted rugs and the months of handiwork that goes into creating these intricate and detailed pieces. “An appreciation of the skills and knowledge passed from generation to generation through these traditions is close to our hearts,” comments Van de Wouw. He noted a clear trend at Domotex for worn traditional designs (think overdyed vintage kilims) which he chalks up to the link they have to heirlooms and the fact that hand-knotted rugs are steeped in history, and add a narrative to a space that’s hard to fake.


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