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Graphica | Southern Guild Gallery

Graphica | Southern Guild Gallery

Graphica, the latest show at Southern Guild Gallery, celebrates surface detail, geometric forms and strong silhouettes. It’s also the debut locally for some incredible new pieces that, while having been exhibited in both Miami and Basel, haven’t been seen yet in South Africa.


Graphica is a visual feast of dynamic silhouettes and exquisite surface detailling,’ explains Southern Guild founder Trevyn McGowan, who goes on to comment on the show’s strong African aesthetic – bold colour, primal patterning and a dynamic mix of organic shapes and sharp edges give the collection a very current and collectable feel. In line with Southern Guild’s mission to establish design as an avenue of investment, the pieces have broad appeal range from functional (the ‘Haywire’ chandelier by Dawid Krynauw, the ‘Kassena Isibheqe’ writing desk by Dokter + Misses) to decorative (the ‘DC Head’ bust by Otto du Plessis is timeless and iconic, while the worded ‘Our Turn to Eat’ and ‘Fear’ wall pieces by Brett Murray have his signature irreverence) and then those that bridge the divide (look out for Madoda Fani’s Untitled I, II and III ceramic vessels decorated with armour-like patterning).


The show also features one of Southern Guild’s trademarks – collaboration – to magnificent effect via the ‘Tattooed Sleeve’ Wiid Design bench hand-drawn by Ceramic Matters with intricate patterns: the statement piece of the collection for sure.


The line-up also includes: Adriaan Izak Hugo + Zander Blom, Babacar Niang, Bronze Age, Daniella Mooney, Driaan Claassen, Gavin Elder, Gregor Jenkin, Justine Mahoney, Koop, Porky Hefer, Rodan Kane Hart, Pieter Henning and Xandre Kriel, amongst others.

Graphica is open to the public from 8 April to 1 July.


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Text and photographs: Julia Freemantle  


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