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Golden girl

Apr 12, 2019 | Featured, REAL|People

Nikki Schomer’s glamorous contemporary pots embrace a love of Africa and statement design

How would you describe your design ethos?

I am proud to describe our products as ‘handcrafted designer plantwear’. We believe that beauty shouldn’t stop at the plant and so we create statement pieces that offer a distinct alternative to the forgettable ranges that still dominate the market. 

Your products are African inspired, but fundamentally contemporary – do you think South African design lovers are increasingly looking for a more modern take on local? 

South Africans are proud of their design heritage (as we should be) and also want quality interior products that will complement their modern homes – that is the gap we want to fill. 

What is it about the African motifs that lend themselves so well to pots? 

Our pots have a distinctive and elegant shape that is designed deliberately to showcase the designs with which they are adorned. The beauty of many art forms from our continent is often in their geometry and simplicity and their bold use of colour. We take a similar approach with our designs, ensuring the end product offers stand-alone beauty.

What do you see as being your next potential progression in your products – will it be colour, shape, size?

Aside from our new Namib collection (with designs inspired by the Namib desert), we have also recently launched our Arise Stand and our Pot of Gold Pendant lights, which were featured on SABC’s Win A Home. Beyond this, we have a few more products still up our sleeves this year, so watch this space!

Does the increasingly blurred boundary between indoor and out affect the designs of your pots? 

It’s so great that indoor spaces are being designed with plants in mind – I personally think that the best decor is green and leafy! But I’m often surprised how many homeowners just settle for the non-descript container that their greens came home in.

We want to encourage people to think differently. When everything inside the home is so carefully considered, why accept a rudimentary pot to showcase your beautiful plant. We want to offer our customers pots with presence and meaning. Pots that make plants proud.


Photographer:  @nalani_knauss
Model:  itzdylanbell

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