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May 23, 2019 | Design, Featured

Indigenus’ star designer lineup keeps its planters on the cutting edge

In a design niche not known for high levels of innovation, Indigenus is a rare standard setter, creating exciting products in collaboration with some of the biggest talents in the field. Its planters have consequently set the standard for outdoor accessory design. Part of its success lies in its alignment with major designers.

Stefan Antoni and Greg Truen, SAOTA: Steen Collection
Because planters are designed to integrate with a setting by default, being designed by a power architect duo gives them extra impact, and contextual relevance. SAOTA’s Stefan Antoni and Greg Truen created the Steen (Afrikaans for stone) collection – inspired by the boulders found along the coastline of Cape Town – which is made from glass-reinforced concrete and has a bold and contemporary look, seen to best effect when grouped (they come in different sizes and colours).

Laurie Wiid van Heerden, Wiid Design: Soma and Terra
Occupying a space somewhere between form and function, Van Heerden’s Soma and Terra ranges for Indigenus display conceptual strength, as well as a contemporary visual identity. The clean, curvaceous Soma is the epitome of minimal elegance, while the Terra combines concrete and wood for something more earthy and organic.

Andile Dyalvane, Imiso Ceramics: Bhaca
Celebrated ceramicist Andile Dyalvane imbues his designs with a powerful storytelling narrative. In the Bhaca range he explores his Xhosa heritage through signature scarification marks while working in his medium of choice – clay. Available in black, grey and white, they’re a striking tribute to the artist’s culture as well as a triumph of line and form.

Haldane Martin: Tuber
Accomplished interior, furniture and industrial designer, Martin marries innovation, relevance, beauty and timelessness in his pieces and spaces. His Tuber collection for Indigenus is imagined in African Iroko wood (a hard long-lasting timber that accumulates character over time). The designer bolts together individual pieces to create the pleasing curvaceous final form.

You can also see the brand’s pieces in person at 100% Design South Africa at Gallagher Convention Centre from 7-11 August.

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