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Jul 29, 2019 | Design

Lemon’s new Cape Town showroom cements the brand’s presence in the city

In a city known for its design-forward attitude and a love of creativity in all its guises, showrooms serve as calling cards – landmarks that signify what a brand is all about. Lemon’s new home base in Greenpoint brings together art, furniture, and the finishing touches for a space that speaks to the brand’s big-thinking approach to product design.

‘Since starting Lemon over a decade ago, what the brand represents has evolved and grown. ‘Despite having been in business for some years, in many ways we feel we’re just getting started,’ says co-owner Kevin Frankental.

Now with a clearer vision than ever before, and a broad product range and service offering, the need to have a Cape Town base and show space became apparent. The Cape Town studio and showroom is the most recent step in that process. A beautiful space to incubate ideas, demonstrate designs in situ, and welcome clients, it encapsulates who Lemon is as a brand – a 360-degree product design and custom creation powerhouse backed by a team of passionate design lovers. This new space is the creative hub of the business if you will – where ideas come to fruition and take shape, products are developed and content is created.

As a complement to Joburg’s HQ, which handles the large-scale execution side of projects, the Cape Town showroom symbolises how far the brand has come. Far from just being a wallpaper and print studio – where it began and something that still forms a core element of the business – Lemon creates and distributes high-end furniture and accessories, locally and abroad. This relatively new territory has allowed the company to express its creativity more fully, but also to broaden the scope of what it can offer to clients. ‘Being able to offer a full spectrum of products means that we can contribute to creating whole environments that speak to living and working well,’ says Frankental.

The Cape Town studio and showroom will be an evolving space, showcasing the breadth of product being conceived by the Lemon creative team, and will show off its quality and versatility in a home-style setting. ‘By displaying our designs this way, people can imagine living with and around them – they can envision how they’d fit into their lives,’ says Frankental.


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