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Oct 11, 2019 | Lifestyle

Look at your garden with renewed appreciation on 20 October

On Sunday 20 October, Garden Day is driving all South Africans to get outdoors and enjoy their gardens – or someone else’s – by having a picnic, planting a tree, or playing with your kids. Whatever you do, the idea is to spend some time in nature and enjoy its healing, uniting and uplifting power.

Garden Day is aimed at anyone and everyone – from beginner gardeners and patio dabblers to plant aficionados and master landscapers. The day is intended for stepping back, relaxing and taking a deep breath – and taking stock of the joy and benefits that our gardens (and other green spaces) bring to our lives.

And the experts agree that the benefits are quantifiable with spending regular time in the garden demnstrating undisputed advantages. “There are dozens of studies globally that have looked into how gardening affects your health and there’s only one conclusion: gardening is incredibly good for you. Next time you’re feeling down or under the weather grab your garden fork,” says Professor Nox Makunga, a plant scientist at the Department of Botany and Zoology at Stellenbosch University.

But it goes beyond just this day. Garden Day was created by Candide, a gardening app that connects gardeners with fellow plant lovers, public gardens and nurseries, with the aim of kick-starting a movement to unite all South Africans. And so any day of the year can be a Garden Day with Candide. The app, which features an extensive library of plants, content, tips and virtual tours, aspires to inform and inspire plant and garden lovers and aid them in enjoying their gardens even more.

On 20 October, you can show your support in a number of different ways – from simply making and donning a beautiful flower coronet, inviting friends and family over for a garden party or laidback picnic lunch, or swapping cuttings and clippings with a neighbour or friend.

Taking part is as easy as visiting and downloading a toolkit with hints, tips and how-to videos. Don’t forget to share your celebration on social media.


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