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Jun 27, 2019 | Beautiful Spaces, Featured

A crisp colour palette and open spaces have transformed 15 On Orange, Autograph Collection’s public areas

When 15 on Orange first opened nearly a decade ago, it exuded a certain type of glamour – glitzy fabrics and curtained-off areas spoke to a corporate clientele and sense of exclusivity. Years on it came time for a refresh and reorientation to get the spaces more in step with current hospitality trends towards a lighter, brighter aesthetic and open-plan flow.

Design firm Source IBA was brought in to rethink the hotel’s approach and usher in a new era of more accessible design, a fresher look and spaces better suited to socialising. The newly imagined space is brighter and simultaneously earthier courtesy of a considered approach to layering grounded textures, graphic patterns and a pared-down approach to accessories. 

The crisp neutral colour scheme is further enhanced with loads of foliage indoors, and an urban bent in the form of its understated approach. There is still a definite leaning towards luxury – this comes through in the choice of fabrics (an elegant green and rich blue velvet on the chairs), metallic light fittings and decorative hanging installations, and glamorous jewel-toned glass accents.

The renovation concentrated on the front-facing public parts of the hotel – the original Murano Bar has now become the Atrium Bar, which opens up to increased views of Table Mountain, and now leads out onto a revamped and extended deck area with its new pool, which is also accessible from street level to passers by. Additional changes include the street-level retail space (formerly the conference room) and the conversion of the coffee bar into a private dining space.

The signature striking look and high-end feel of the hotel remains, but it’s now underlined by an updated palette and more accessible and welcoming feel.


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