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Four Seasons The Westcliff Spa

Apr 12, 2019 | Beautiful Spaces, Featured

A proudly local new treatment at Four Seasons The Westcliff soothes with multisensory experience and nod to ancient SA customs

It’s not easy to make sure that a spa treatment is memorable. Pleasant, sure, but memorable, no. While in the lull of relaxation that comes with any spa session worth its salt, often the moments blur into one another. Which is why when you come across an item on the spa menu that stands out, it’s worth noting.

Four Seasons The Westcliff Spa often draws on its global affiliations and status with treatments inspired by cultures all over the world, but its standing as one of Joburg’s premier lifestyle destinations is also due to its celebration of local tradition, culture and products.

Its newest addition to the spa massage menu, The Cycle of Life by Terres D’Afrique takes you on a sensory journey through San and South African culture. With the ostrich egg as the central tool for the treatment – which is filled with heated baobab seeds – the treatment takes on cultural symbolism too. Considered by the San as a metaphor for the cycle of life, ostrich eggs are sacred symbols, as are baobab seeds.

Used together with Terres D’Afrique products, the treatment is a regenerative and relaxing experience. A combination of hand techniques drawn from all over the world, and a rolling movement with the seed-filled egg over the body, the treatment is a rhythmic 90-minute process that stimulates and soothes all the senses – Terres D’Afrique Savannah Dew massage oil in conjunction with the gentle rain-like sound of the seeds moving inside the shell and warmth of the ostrich egg is an entrancing combination and much more effective than you’d ever imagine such simple equipment could be.

This treatment would be especially good in winter – the warmth of the shell against the skin is soothing and comforting and the natural product and earthiness of the tools also have a lovely grounding effect.

The treatment is available at Four Seasons The Westcliff Spa, along with use of all the spa’s excellent post-treatment relaxation facilities.


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