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Food XX

Jan 8, 2019 | Featured, REAL|People

Innovative food

Pic credit: Alix-Rose Cowie

Hannerie Visser is known for her innovative food-centred design projects. The creative force behind Studio H, a multidisciplinary studio responsible for such endeavours as the Street Food Festivals in Cape Town and Johannesburg, online food and culture publication Chips! and S/Zout, a project exploring water scarcity and agriculture, she and her Studio H team have launched Food XX, a movement aimed at empowering and celebrating women in South African food– a consciousness growing within the industry. FOOD XX reflects the current zeitgeist and will take the form of an annual conference and awards ceremony launching in early 2019 and living online throughout the year as digital content.

The conference will feature local and international women speakers and panel discussions, and will include breakfast, lunch and networking snacks and drinks prepared by food movers and shakers from around the world taking part in the event. The platforms aims give credit to women in all areas, whether that’s at grassroots level or at a corporate changemaking level – from winemakers and storytellers to environmentalists and educators. As such, the categories for the FOOD XX Womxn in Food Awards will range widely from entrepreneurs, to those giving back, and people working across such varied fields in food as sustainability and styling. The inclusionary model allows anyone to nominate someone, and you can also nominate yourself. Send your nominations to

The categories are:

Giving Back – change-makers who are enriching the community through food and drink, both on a large- and small scale
Front of House – sommeliers, managers, waiters, maître d’s etc
In the Kitchen – celebrating all women working in kitchens around the country
Alcohol – All the shakers and stirrers, winemakers and brewers raising our glasses
Fresh Voices in Food – celebrating bloggers, Instagrammers and journalists
Farming – from food growing to animal husbandry and urban gardening
Entrepreneurs – from agri-preneurs to restaurateurs, this award pays tribute to the pioneers redefining how we grow, make, sell and eat food
Food Stylists – this is for the visionaries shaping how we look at food.
Food Heritage – for the guardians preserving the provenance of our rich food culture
Food Educator – for the teachers and mentors sharing knowledge and encouraging future innovators
Sustainability – this award celebrates the modern-day Demeter committed to helping us rethink and protect every part of the food chain
Future Food – for the solution-driven visionaries creating a sustainable food future
Food Icon – food is sustenance, food is health, food is culture. This award honours the custodians of all that is food

For tickets for the symposium and awards visit

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