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Fitch & Leedes

Sep 28, 2018 | Featured, Lifestyle

Mixologists’ stylish partner!

Do you recall a time of romance, fine craftsmanship and unmatched quality?

When things were made with care and patience, and people took pride in achieving perfection?

Do you know the difference between good and exceptional?

Fitch and Leedes do, and, it shows!

The Fitch and Leedes range of refreshing craft tonics and mixers are a superior range of beverages for the discerning taste.

Inspired by the intrepid London travellers, Ralph Fitch and William Leedes, who set sail for the exotic flavours of the East, the range of drinks are incomparable in quality.  Whats more, the look extremely stylish,  each elegantly presented in glass bottles as a nod to the mixers of yesteryear but with an updated stylish edge.

Crafted in small batches and infused with the finest of flavours, the range is available in five timeless flavours – Club Soda, Indian Tonic, Ginger Ale, Bitter Lemon and Lemonade.  Indian Tonic and Ginger ale are also available in sugar free alternatives.

Create those timeless Fitch and Leedes moments with these cocktail recipes ideas.


Classic Gin & Tonic

Dirty Gin & Tonic

Salt River Gin & Tonic

Fitch & Leedes can be found at leading purveyors of fine beverages, boutique wine shops, selected delis, fine dining establishments and cocktail bars at around R52 for a 6-pack of 200ml cans or R52 per 4-pack of 200ml glass bottles.

For more information about the Fitch & Leedes range, contact (+27) 021 886 8842 |

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