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Art amongst the flowers

Jun 20, 2019 | Design, Featured, Trends

A novel exhibition concept in Cape Town saw local appreciators buying from artists’ sketchbooks

Art can often feel like the domain of the serious collector – an intimidating world of galleries, exhibitions and auctions. Price wise it’s also out of the reach of many art lovers who would like to invest but can’t afford the hefty price tags that come with collectable names.

In this spirit creative consultant Bielle Bellingham came up with the concept of an accessible, casual showcase in an unconventional space. Bellingham’s many years in the editorial and design industries, some of them spent as the editor of Elle Decoration South Africa, have given her a unique skillset, perfectly adapted to curating creative experiences.

The idea was for people to engage with the artwork without the usual formality, in a ‘messy’ working space that was entirely different to the usual settings in which art is displayed. She came together with Lush Flowers, a boutique floral design studio just off Cape Town’s Kloof Street, known for it’s artistic approach, to host the event in their space.

Sketches at Lush took place over three days, with a number of South African artists taking part opening up their sketchbooks to the public. By selling process works and drawings for really accessible prices, they allowed would-be collectors to take home an original work for a fraction of the cost of going through a gallery. Included in the stellar lineup were celebrated artists including Andrew Sutherland, David Brits, Elsabé Milandri, Jeanne Gaigher, Katrin Coetzer, Kirsten Sims, Michael Taylor and Nabeeha Mohamed.


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