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Add Atmosphere to your Walls

Mar 11, 2019 | Featured, Home

We highlight Jim Thompson’s beautiful new wallcovering collections, an effortless and easy way to add a luxurious and eclectic touch to your interiors

The new Atmosphere range of wallcoverings injects spaces with plush texture, evocative but timeless patterns and striking colour, creating serene but layered environments. The modern mix of surface effects includes natural lacquer, lustrous moiré finishes, metallics and finely textured sisal grasscloth. Patterns draw on nature with atmospheric effects of clouds and raindrops, or the nuanced colorations of mineral materials. Mythical gardens add an air of mystery, drawn as fantasy foliage in a palette of tropical hues. Here are three standout designs from the collection.


Palampore textiles are centuries-old tree-of-life designs that were painted or printed onto cotton chintz, for use as elaborate bed curtains. This contemporary take on the classic pattern features a fantastical garden of palm trees intertwined with exotic foliage and flora, offered as a fabric and a wallpaper. The colourways are undoubtedly modern despite the pattern’s traditional origins, and feature chic neutrals hues that contrast against an array of coloured backgrounds.


Natural lacquer is a well-known specialty in Asia (Jim Thompson’s stronghold), especially in Thailand. The tradition of making lacquer from the sap or trees and insects goes back centuries. This range of hand-made wallpapers is created using natural lacquer that is applied to coloured paper surfaces in layers by hand and brush. These papers add luxuriously rich texture, colour and shine to walls, their artisanal, one-of-a-kind decorative quality enhanced by the fact that they are washable, moisture-proof and has anti-mould properties.


Inca, an eye-catching, graphic ikat stripe woven in rich six-ply Thai silk yarns, is recreated as a dramatic wallpaper. Printed on a wide-width paperbacked textile ground, the range of bold and subtle neutral hues are perfect for making a contemporary statement.;

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