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A toast to dad

Jun 14, 2019 | Featured, Lifestyle

Give your father a bottle of something special to celebrate the occasion

With Father’s Day in a few days, now is the time to consider some small token to gift the dad in your life – we’ve chosen three tipples that tell a story, and that would make fitting drinks to toast your dad this Sunday.

Aviation Gin

Born of a partnership between a bartender and a mixologist, Aviation Gin is the brand credited with catalysing the global craft spirit revolution, it’s handcrafted in small 100-case batches at the House Spirits Distillery in Portland, Oregon. In now classic New Western Dry Gin style, botanicals (rather than juniper) are the dominant flavour notes. Notably, Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds bought a stake in the company, helping to propel the brand to fame (it’s now the best-selling gin brand in the US).

Arbikie Gin

From Scotland’s Arbikie Highland Estate distillery comes a gin that honours the father of the distillery’s owners – Alexander Kirkwood Stirling. Stirling senior passed away earlier this year, making this first Father’s Day bittersweet for distillery founders, brothers John, Stirling, Iain and David. Made with wheat and honey – Alexander’s favourite food – which is farmed at Arbikie, alongside black pepper, mace and cardamom carefully chosen by Master Distiller Kirsty Black, Arbikie Gin has a creamy sweetness on the palate, balanced by peppery spices and juniper.

Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Truman & Orange has just introduced its latest offering to South Africa – The Kraken Black Spiced, imported from the Caribbean and blended with 13 different secret spices. Internationally, sales of premium rum are booming – South Africans consumed over 7.2 million bottles of rum last year. Th­e Kraken Black Spiced is named for a sea beast of myth and legend, said to have brought down the world’s largest shipment of Caribbean rum. Distilled in the Caribbean from naturally sweet molasses, the Kraken Black Spiced is then blended with secret spices, notes of vanilla, cinnamon, citrus, allspice, cloves, nutmeg and peppercorn.

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