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A Place of Peace

Dec 13, 2018 | Featured, REAL|People

Tinashe Nyamudoka, head sommelier at The Test Kitchen, reflects on home and work

WHERE WERE YOU BORN AND WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? I was born in Nyanga and grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe (not Harare, Khayelitsha!)

WHERE DO YOU LIVE NOW? I live in Milnerton, Cape Town.

DESCRIBE WHAT YOU DO IN ONE SENTENCE. At work, I advise diners on the best wine to enjoy with their meal, and outside of work I’m the guy offering free wine advice to friends and family.

NAME ONE OF YOUR FAVOURITE DISHES, AND TELL US WHY? I’d take mealie pap and beef stew with fried green vegetable leaf on the side. It personifies my upbringing and is a symbol of most African cultures. It’s very filling and fulfilling.

WHAT OR WHO HAS IMPACTED YOUR LIFE? Wine. It’s made me understand and express myself with confidence. And Luke Dale-Roberts has had a major impact om my life. He’s a boss, a mentor and a father figure.

WHAT DOES THE WORD “HOME” MEAN TO YOU? Kumusha in Shona, my mother tongue, means home. It means a lot to me that I got to bottle a Kumusha wine. Kumusha is my rootedness, a place of reflection and peace. A place you long to be when other households reject you.


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